About Us

Hello Everyone! My name is Marta Kaspar and I am the founder of Alternative Nutrition LLC and knowwhatyoufeed.com.

Prior to starting this company I worked as a research scientist, formulation and analytical chemist in both industrial and academic fields in Europe and the United States. I started becoming interested in feline nutrition over a decade ago when my cats developed all kinds of health problems including feline lower urinary tract disease, diabetes, asthma, skin infections and chronic renal failure. Unable to find a good quality diet with an appropriate nutrient profile, I decided to prepare their food myself. The effect of the diet on my cats was so impressive that I decided to devote my time to help others who would also want to feed their cats a healthy homemade diet.

Please contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to share your stories of how home prepared meals made a difference in your cat’s lives.