Alnutrin for Meat & Bone

picture of Alnutrin for Meat and Bone

Ingredients: Egg yolk powder, taurine, iodized salt, vitamin E, iron amino acid chelate, copper citrate, manganese amino acid chelate, zinc oxide, vitamin D3, vitamin B12, vitamin B1.

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Alnutrin for Meat & Bone is designed for diets with bones.

Recipe for chicken or rabbit meat & bone with organs


Add together:
1 pack (or 4 g) of Alnutrin for Meat & Bone (Pre-packaged)

1/4 cup (or 60 g) of water, can be adjusted as needed.

Mix lightly, then add

1 lb (or 454 g) of ground raw chicken or rabbit meat & bones with organs (including liver)
Mix well. Divide into storage containers and freeze unused portion.



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